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Harrow Crossbow
Harrow - ABC -2018
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Linden Guitar
Sequin syd film fest
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The obscure
BullyBoy - 2016
Cuckoos Nest - SFJ - 2017
Noah - Short - 2012


Suzy Wrong - Timeout

 In a strong performance, Cullen is convincingly frightening as the neo-Nazi antagonist, delivering a truly spine-chilling moment towards the end of the show.

Kevin Jackson - KJs Theatre Diary

Patrick Cullen gives a very focused performance and an arresting vital dilemma to the young, barely, out of his teens Eddie, creating a clarity of intention physically, with a verbal skill, including a very comfortable use of dialect, with confident bravura.

Emily Smith - Weekend Notes

Cullen gives us a genuine, committed performance. He  is 100% believable as a young and naïve British soldier who was just 'following orders'. Even in moments of silence, Cullen's face is captivating; this actor is destined for big things

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